Visitor Management System and Access Control Systems

visitor sign-in system access control

Visitor Management System and Access Control Systems

The visitor sign-in process for contractors and another individual can be very time consuming for your security or admin staff.
If you are looking for a visitor management system to provide access to the building, as in the case of an individual contractor or consultant needs access for either a working the facility we have a solution that can do that for you.

How does it work?

The visitor management system asks you a serious of questions which can be customized to your specifications.

In this example, the first question is, what us your access card number?visitor sign-in system access controlEach access card has a unique identification number as seen on the image below. This number is entered into the MyLobby visitor management visitor system. Along with other data points such as :

MyLobby visitor management system has a solution that allows you to pre-register your visitors and sends a QR code via email. Once the contractor arrives on site, he or she would just scan the code Visitor Management System tablet. Much like airline pre-boarding or check-in your flights today. This makes a significant impact on expediting the visitor sign-in process:

  • Company Name
  • Individual Name
  • Time in/out
  • Id badge number
  • Picture of contractor
  • Completion of safety standards
  • Photo capture
  • Signature capture and agreement to compliances

Customization is the Key

visitor management system IDThe key to having a good visitor management system is the ability to customize the solution to business needs. In one case, a MyLobby client needed the ability to have the contractor leave some personal collateral such as the keys to their car. This ensured the property security that they would not go home without returning the access control card they were given earlier.

Since every organization has a different sign-in process, MyLobby is customizable to fit the needs by tailoring each of the questions which are then index within the system.

Visitor management Invites for Faster Processing and Greater Security

Security is always a priority for most organizations, although challenging for property management, mostly in the morning for a couple of hours when most contractors need to access to the building especially when there is major construction project underway.

Future Develops for MyLobby Visitor Management System

In the future, MyLobby will be able to integrate with access control systems to open doors for visitors and contractor alike. This development will offer the facility greater security and visitor management automation.

MyLobby login data

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