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The device can detect accurate temperature at a maximum distance of 48 inches.

Facial recognition can be used to do temperature readings for individuals in a facility. Just stand in front of the device to be screened and the device will give a successful message or warning if the person has a normal temperature or not. 

You do not need Internet access. You have local access to the device to upload the names of employees or members and also to generate reports.

If you have modified your part and something goes wrong or you aren’t satisfied with your item, our awesome team of dedicated technicians can help trouble shoot and offer advice to determine if your parts are defective.

In the event that something is determined to be a manufacturer error or failure due to defective materials, we will repair, return or exchange the item(s) as needed.

Tthe device has a microusb interface at the back of the device. You can see the “N” icon on the left top corner of the screen once you connect your computer to MMTK-345.

Once done, you need to swipe down from the top of the screen and select all names you wish to import. Find the folder /sdcard/offline/register/ in the device and paste the images there.

The cost may vary depending on how quickly you need the device and the different style of mounts available. It is a fraction of the cost of someone having to manually a take a hand held thermometer, screening all the employees/members and visitors who are entering the facility.

Please go to this link and kindly answer the form to allow us to know your requirements more.