Elvis has left the building. This famous saying stems from the 1972 Elvis‘s concerts as fans were screaming and demanding for more until the promoter came on stage and said: “Elvis has left the building.” The question is, how can you be sure if your visitors have left the building if they forgot to sign-out? The Mylobby visitor management system help track your visitor registration in real-time and ensure all your visitors sign-out.

The biggest frustration for facility managers is, not all visitors remember to sign-out and knowing if they’ve left the building. Ultimately, it is the facility manager and other operators that are responsible for the safety and security of all employees and visitors.

This article explains how MyLobby visitor management system addresses this problem with reminder capability and remote visitor management sign-up feature.

The problem is incomplete visitor logs are not compliant with health and safety or local fire codes. Also, it raises security concerns. And this introduces a host of liabilities.

Now even if you could get everybody to miraculously signed out do you think you or the fire marshal good make out the chicken scratch handwriting in your logbook?
What’s the solution?

MyLobby visitor management that replaces the sign MyLobby visitor management Sign out Reminder BackendMyLobby visitor management Sign out Reminder Email in sheet with a tablet to enter the visitor data. It also sends the host a message via text and email that they have arrived.

More importantly, the system reminds the visitor by sending a text and email message to sign out. And they could do so by signing-out at the end of their visit.

The super cool thing is if the Visitor has forgotten and they have long left the building, the system will send a reminder via email and SMS phone, and they can do it right from their ) phone.

And we also have a variety of options that could ensure your visitor has signed out.

So if you want to be as sure that Elvis has left the building, or your Visitors, in this case, I suggest you try MyLobby Visitor Management Solution. It’s Free, and it takes about 15 minutes to set up and if you need some help will get one of our specialists to help you.

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