Why You Need Visitor Management Software in Your Company

Why You Need Visitor Management Software in Your Company   The main purpose of why companies invest in visitor management software is to effectively document and closely track guests and their activities. A visitor management system streamlines the whole process, … Read More

Screen for Coronavirus with a Visitor Management System

How do you screen for the Coronavirus with a visitor management system like MyLobby? There's nothing new about screening visitors; we do this when getting onto a flight going from one destination to another. Or, a restricted access pre-screen questionnaire … Read More

Restricted Party Access – Automation and Trade Compliance

How do you implement automation for restricted party screening for visitors and contractors that must be vetted before coming to your facility for either ITAR or EAR? Facilities that deal with sensitive information such as research labs or manufacturers of … Read More

MyLobby Parking App

MyLobby Parking App Our visitor management system in the market place has brought us a lot of great opportunities to solve business problems and as introduced to new real-world challenges that we never imagined, like developing a parking app to solve  the … Read More

MyLobby ITAR Compliance Android

City official ordered the removal and banned visitor logbooks due to breach of confidentiality

These days most of us are a bit sensitive about giving personal data, and it’s not always a digital format. Visitor logbooks can expose your private information for misuse and violates the General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) rules and regulations … Read More

How much does a Visitor Management System Cost?

How much does a Visitor Management System Cost? I get this question all the time, and my first initial answer is if the visitor management system cost any money out of your budget then something is wrong. The real question … Read More

MyLobby Increase Productivity

Multitasking Wastes over 50% of your Productivity time

Did you know Multitasking Wastes over 50% of your Productivity time? Office Automation can Help I have a confession, in my previous professional life as an operator, I burn through my fair share of front lobby receptionist by assigning them extra administrative work … Read More

If Elvis has left the building, what about your visitors?

Elvis has left the building. This famous saying stems from the 1972 Elvis‘s concerts as fans were screaming and demanding for more until the promoter came on stage and said: “Elvis has left the building.” The question is, how can … Read More

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MyLobby Visitor Management System for Events

A visitor management system can save you plenty of time for your organization and your visitors. So, when you are planning an event like a Job Fair, or your facility processing a large number of people where it requires pre-screening. … Read More