City official ordered the removal and banned visitor logbooks due to breach of confidentiality

MyLobby ITAR Compliance Android

These days most of us are a bit sensitive about giving personal data, and it’s not always a digital format. Visitor logbooks can expose your private information for misuse and violates the General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) rules and regulations that Europe impose last year. This article will explain how you can solve this problem with a Visitor Management System. 

visitor sign-in system

Ireland’s best-known heritage sites were collecting visitor information on sign-in sheets that expose their names and in some cases home address. 

The office of Public Works realizes this is a breach of the GDPR.

The challenge is, environmental health and safety regulations require that visitors sign-in. Reason being, in the event o

f an emergency or a crisis, the facility manager would have an account of who is still in the building. The flipside of this is, how do you minimize the exposure of visitors’ person info being seen by other visitors’ subsequent visitors? 

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The Solution: 

MyLobby Visitor Management System is a tablet that does not expose the information of the previous visitors info.  MyLobby is a visitor management system that is General Data Protection Regulation compliant. Simply enter your info in the appropriate fields and you are signed in ready to go. 

This visitor management system comes many other features such as:

  • Customized questions for screening
  • Two-way notifications
  • Display slideshow when not in use
  • Digital signature
  • Visual identification (Take pictures)
  • Arrival Notification
  • Sign-out reminders
  • Visitor Badge printing 
  • Active Directory 
  • Watchlist
  • Offline Mode Alerts

visitor sign-in system lobbyThis particular case was a tourist site in Ireland, what about more sensitive facilities like corporate offices? Corporate spying is highly probable and a significant concern for many.  


Examples of corporate spying can be in the most subtle ways that can originate from a visitor’s sign-in logbook: 

  1. Potential vendors – you may not want other potential visiting vendors to see what other competitors they are considering in doing business with. 
  2. Job Interviews candidates are usually done back to back. Some highly skilled professionals prefer to keep their job search private.  
  3. Contractors and maintenance workers should also be kept private. If your facility had a pest control or exterminator company visit your facility within the last three weeks, you might not want to display that information. 
  4. If you’re bringing in new contractors to bid on work and they can see your service provider that logs in every week. The new company that been invited to can quickly figure out who you’re using. With this sort of Intel, you lose your negotiating leverage.
  5. Corporate intelligence- potential customers are visiting your facility. Imagine a competitor could simply walk into front reception flip through some of the visitor logbook pages to see what clients or likely clients have visited your facility.  


Keeping information confidential for most organizations is essential. In fact, it’s now mandated in Europe. We would also like to hear from you, how are you presently keeping your visitor information confidential?

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